GuruFocus Investments

GuruFocus Investments, LLC provides investment advisory services. GFI Holdings (2021), LLC is the principal owner of GuruFocus Investments, LLC, which in turn is principally owned by Charlie Tian.

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Charlie Tian, Ph.D. is the founder and Chief Executive Officer and portfolio manager of GuruFocus Investments, LLC, an SEC-registered investment management firm.

Dr. Tian is also the founder and CEO of the value-investing website He is the creator of the website’s value screeners, strategies, and research tools, which are used by more than a million investors monthly and by professors and students in more than 100 universities worldwide

Dr. Tian is the author of the highly ranked book “Invest Like A Guru: How to Generate Higher Returns At Reduced Risk With Value Investing”. He also contributed to the book “The Warren Buffett Shareholder: Stories from Inside the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting” and has been actively involved in financial research since 2004. Dr. Tian holds a PhD in Physics from the Peking University in Beijing, China. he was a physicist and the inventor of more than 30 U.S. patents.

Invest Like a Guru: How to Generate Higher Returns At Reduced Risk With Value Investing (Wiley, 2017) by Dr. Charlie Tian.

The book has also been published in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian.

GuruFocus running team at Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder meetings.